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insecure feelings break us from the inside out. betrayal among these emotions is one of the worst to endure especially from a significant other. he always says it’ll get better he will change, but I know every time that it won’t. how can I still choose to stay? he blames everything on me and chooses […]

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to forgive or forget?

the end is always the worst. Remembering the times that passed and wondering if the good was worth all the bad he put you through. The lies, fake promises, disappointments, disrespect, betrayal of trust…. what makes this time different than the last? Does he really mean that he’s going to change? how can the person […]

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Mind-Body Problem

I saw this image image on twitter the other day and couldn’t help myself but to write about the thoughts it invoked in me. The caption was “connected” but are we all connected this way? Or in life are we searching for this one person we do connect with like this, and that is what we […]

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The American Dream

Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas is a cult favorite film that I’ve always wanted to watch on LSD. Starring Johnny Depp within his own acid trip during the entire movie, I attempted to watch it while in my own trip as well. I took the tab 2 hours before in order to be at […]

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If we are constantly changing then how is it that we think of things as being forever? Relationships, feelings, everything we experience is just a temporary situation placed onto our daily routine. I have been so stuck in this daily routine and getting discouraged on what makes me happy since I have changed since I […]

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“nos·tal·gia- a sentimental longing or wistful affection for the past, typically for a period or place with happy personal associations” “hap·pi·ness- state of being happy, fulfilled, lighthearted” When we are living in the moment and you catch yourself with that all loving, full, warm feeling in your chest is that nostalgia or happiness in the moment? […]