The American Dream

Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas is a cult favorite film that I’ve always wanted to watch on LSD. Starring Johnny Depp within his own acid trip during the entire movie, I attempted to watch it while in my own trip as well. I took the tab 2 hours before in order to be at peak during the film. The movie is a wild adventure with trippy effects to enhance your trip while watching Depp’s. While watching I would catch myself getting so into his trip parts of it felt like it was also part of mine. This film features adventures, violence, intense drug use, paranoia, and most of all the movie makes you deeply about the life you’re living. Johnny Depp is a journalist on his way to Vegas with his lawyer, on a drug binge and trying to make a deal. He is also dissecting the American Dream of riches and freedom. Is the dream simply greed and pride? Or is it the desire to be freed from authority and build a better life? The American Dream is not brought by any amount of money. It is brought by a meaningful life full of experience, travel, opportunity. Although the American Dream seems great for all of us, we should ultimately be trying to find our individual dreams. Dreams can be conscious or unconscious one just needs to go on an inward journey to find it. Searching within yourself to find what you want in this life is critical for happiness the real goal of any Dream whether the American Dream or your own.


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