insecure feelings break us from the inside out. betrayal among these emotions is one of the worst to endure especially from a significant other. he always says it’ll get better he will change, but I know every time that it won’t. how can I still choose to stay? he blames everything on me and chooses to keep his friends happy instead of me. tells me he wants to bring me places, makes plans and goes back to doing them with just his friends. I feel so small and unimportant. the betrayal of a person to say you are everything and treat you like you’re nothing. constant confusion and anger and sorrow taking over. I can’t trust anyone. will I ever be happy? when will someone treat me how I’m supposed to be treated? maybe the problem is me. maybe it’s my fault for over reacting and caring too deeply. then I forgive. this cycle always continues.

betrayal- the feeling that brings about all the insecurities and horrible emotions


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